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    VRChat assumption] ABC.Ring [3D model].

    Published from : 2022/07/24 20:53:29

    Product Details

    Thank you for your interest. This item is a [3D model accessory] designed for use in the [VRChat] environment. This is a set of rings for 26 letters of the alphabet. The material is the default [gold] and the difference [silver]. Contents Unity package ABC.Ring.unitypackage Fbx data (created with Blender) Two textures (Png data) ring.G] (gold) [ring.S] (silver) 2 materials G] (gold) [tex.S] (silver) PBT-Shader" by Yonjyu Kogyo: Sales Office https://yosohuta.booth.pm/items/1266870 We are including these shaders because they are under the terms of use that allow us to include them in the package. Terms of Use PDF (Created by VN3 License Terms of Use Generator) Japanese, English Specifications This model is intended for use with [VRChat] and has not been tested in other environments. Please understand this beforehand. Please note that this model has not been tested in other environments. Shader We are using 【PBT-Shader】 by Yonjyu Kogyo: Sales Office. https://yosohuta.booth.pm/items/1266870 This shader is included in the package because the terms of use allow us to include it in the package. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ・△ポリゴン A 7340 B 7342 C 6792 D 6076 E 6395 F 5915 G 6988 H 5852 I 4966 J 6182 K 5458 L 5208 M 5630 N 5822 O 6476 P 6571 Q 7534 R 7208 S 8048 T 5957 U 5940 V 5476 W 5750 X 5174 Y 5594 Z 5880 in all 161574 We would appreciate it if you could contact us if there are any problems.

    Terms of Use

    *Please be sure to read the Terms of Use before purchasing. *Please note that refunds and returns will not be accepted for any reason due to the sales mechanism. *The producer is not responsible for any trouble, loss or damage caused by the use of this model. 利用規約〔License〕PDF 【English】 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_OO31_UKo4iSOHH5ZHzeJhcS4RHPWVFD/view?usp=sharing