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    transformational weapon ACP-001-EC-Astralis

    Published from : 2022/07/09 22:24:51

    Product Details

    Deformation and implementation in VRC requires knowledge of unity animation. Also, knowledge of constraint is required for subarming. Fingers during subarming are controlled by shape keys. We will increase the number of weapon shape keys and the price with each update. Updates depend on the author's motivation, romance, and state of mind in the kitchen. Big weapons are great! Transformable weapons are great! I was making something like that, and then it was done. I didn't plan to make so many shape keys, but they grew. The following is a description of the product and terms of use, please be sure to read before purchasing. ◆Commodity Contents ACP-001-EC-A Model data of ACP-001-EC-Astralis. It is produced by Blender2.83. Full compatibility when editing with other software is not guaranteed. Astralis.unitypackage This is the unity package data that includes model, texture, and shader settings. AstralisUV.png matcap.png Texture data for ACP-001-EC-Astralis. _____________________________________________________________ ◆Product Specifications Number of polygons -1408 Number of materials 1 Shape keys base + 10 weapon shapes + 5 hand shapes + n pieces to be added with each update Number of bones 2 ◆About shaders We are using unity toon shader ver.2.0.7 (uts2). UTS2 is not included in Astralis.unitypackage, so please import uts2 first when importing. A unity package of uts2 shaders only is included in the product. If you are interested in uts2, please check the official website. ◆Color modification Astralis.unitypackage does not use basemap textures, but is controlled by uts2 colors(RGB). If you want to change only a single color as default, please use Basic Three Colors and Control Maps Setups in uts2. If you want to set colors in detail, create a texture using astralisUV.png, import it, and apply it to BaseMap. ◆Other ◆ If you tweet videos or screenshots using this product on twitter with the tag "#astralis", the author will be happy to find them. We will be happy to help the author find it. ◆Terms of use Original 3D model] ACP-001-EC-Astralis  Model creator Quasis  twitter @quasis_alter The following are the terms of use for the model. Please read and agree to the terms and conditions before purchasing. Please note that we do not provide individual guidance on how to install or operate the product. By purchasing ACP-001-EC-Astralis (hereinafter referred to as "this data") (hereinafter referred to as the "User") agrees to these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use"). The copyright of the Data (excluding shaders) and any modifications thereof belongs to Quasis, the creator of the Data. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ◆License Terms This data may be used for the following purposes to the extent that it does not violate the prohibitions described below. Modification or alteration of this data Converting this data to other formats for use. Uploading this data in a state where only the user who purchased this data can handle this data. Use of this data for videos, games, or still images.  Selling/distributing this data in a reusable state is equivalent to redistribution and sale of this data. Output as a three-dimensional object by 3D printer, sculpture, or any other method. Use for R-18 R-18G with zoning.  Please take personal responsibility and follow the law when publishing the data. When using in combination with other data, please comply with their terms of use as well. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ◆Prohibitions Redistribution or sale of this data or any modified or altered version of this data is prohibited. Selling or redistributing this data or data with a high degree of similarity to this data as your own work. Redistribution or sale of this data or modified versions of this data, in whole or in part, in a form that can be modified by a third party.  Making this data or modified versions of this data, whether in whole or in part, available for modification by a third party. Use of the Data obtained in a manner not intended by Quasis, the creator of the Data Use of this data for political or religious purposes. Use of this data in a manner that is not intended by Quasis, the creator of this data. Actions, statements, descriptions, or expressions that mislead the public into believing that an individual or organization other than Quasis is the creator or copyright holder of this data. Use to damage the image of this Data Use of the Data for criminal purposes. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ◆Commercial use Please consult with us. (Please consult with us.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Terms and Conditions The contents of this agreement are subject to change, and the latest version of the Terms of Use shall apply at all times. The Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ◆Disclaimer The producer Quasis is not responsible for any trouble, loss, or damage caused by the use of this data. The producer QUASYS is not responsible for any trouble, loss or damage caused by the use of this data. Use of this data is at the user's own risk. If you have any other problems or questions, please send a direct message to this account. If you have any questions about commercial use, please send a direct message to this account. https://twitter.com/Quasis_Alter _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ◆Update History 2020/08/06 Created text 2020/08/09 Add shape key 2020/09/29 Major update of sub arming       Add two kinds of shape key 2020/11/01 Add omake data 2020/12/03 Add new weapon shape key and adjustment shape key Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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