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    unclosed circle

    Sales start date : 2022/06/17 10:09:49

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    ※試聴は下記サイトにて https://humminglife.booth.pm/items/3471908 01. closed 02. One more 03. Flare 04. Steam of nostalgia 05. アニス 06. ダイヤモンド 07. All clear 08. Invisible heat 09. 焔 10. unclosed circle Vocal: Chata, Hinata Sora Lyrics & Compose: Hinata Sora, Dani Violin & Viola: Hoshina Yuki Arrangement: Dani Illustration: KONNO Takashi --------------------------------------------  The new album, the first in about a year and eight months, has a total of ten songs based on the concept of the fire and heat that lights up the heart.  This world is as cold as night. Why do I travel in a world where I can't even see your face unless I bring the light closer? A lot of music is spun as if we are exchanging words with our inner selves.  From the wish expressed in the fantastic ambient opening "closed" to the answer in the climactic rock ballad "Homura", everything in this piece can be said to be the very thoughts of HUMMING LIFE.

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