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    【FREE BGM】Novel game style BGM collection【Loop sound source】

    Published from : 2022/06/12 01:51:35

    Product Details

    A royalty-free collection of BGM materials designed for use in video production, game production, live distribution, announcement PV, TRPG, etc. It can be used for both commercial and non-commercial use. ----------------------------------- ◾️ Recorded data 44.1kHz / 16bit / WAV format & MP3 01. Kikuno 02.mio 03.senri 04. Familia 05.T-model 06.Live House 07. Market 08. Christmas 09.zinja 10. Pattern 1 11. Pattern 2 12. Pattern 3 13. Pattern 4 14. Kikuno melancholy 15. Kikuno end -----------------------------------

    Terms of Use

    ·terms of service The music material recorded in this product (hereinafter referred to as "this material") is the creator of the music. The copyright and neighboring rights belong to the opposite syndicate. Please note that items other than music, such as image illustrations and designs, cannot be used as materials. Before using this material, please be sure to read the following terms and conditions stipulated in these Terms of Use. 1. License form This material is a royalty-free music material for customers who have purchased it regularly. The use specified in the next section is licensed. 2. Permission (1) It can be used as a material for all products regardless of commercial / non-commercial, individual / corporate. (2) Sound source processing (editing, effect processing, loop, fade in / out, key change) can be performed. (3) You can continue to use it based on this agreement even after the end of publication. 3. Prohibitions When using this material, you must not do any of the following acts. (1) Use for acts that violate laws and regulations, acts that promote violations of laws and regulations, or acts that may cause them. (2) The act of licensing, transferring, selling, reselling, or secondary distributing part or all of this material to a third party without using it in the work. (3) Other acts that the copyright owner deems inappropriate