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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    cheering fan (Uchiwa)

    Published from : 2021/11/06 03:10:16

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    BOOTH https://takara-mmd.booth.pm/items/2853744 THE SEED ONLINE(装着可能VCI) https://seed.online/users/101017#products

    Terms of Use

    Permitted : DOOR, VRChat Vitrual Cast, cluster, VR SNS etc. : Permitted to use in activities with commercial or non-profit-seeking purposes : Use in THE SEED ONLINE(Texture correction data only) : Use by modifying the texture : Commercial use (only when the data itself is not sold) : Use in video distribution and video production Prohibited : Data sales and redistribution(Prohibited with or without modification) : Upload to social communication platforms or online gaming platforms for the purpose of providing to third parties on the particular platform. : Use the Digital Content or its part(s) for the purpose of modifying other digital content (which includes cases where the Digital Content or its part(s) is used as a supplement in the course of modifying other Digital Content). : Instruct a third party to make adjustment or modification to the Digital Content and provide the Digital Content to a third party for such purposes. : Expressions involving violence, Use in political activities and religious activities : 3D printer output, Use in tangible goods (Merchandise)