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    Sales start date : 2021/10/07 12:16:06

    Product Details

    01. Enemies in the Moonlight 02. Vertigo 03. Across the Battlegrounds with 1 Bonus. On a Journey EP with 3 instrumental + 1 Bonus tracks. About 2 minutes short tracks used for some competitions. All files, MP3 (320kbps), WAV(44.1kHz/24bit), Artwork is compressed in one zip file. Composition, Arrangement, Mix and Mastering: かち割り氷 (K-Ice) Guitar (01, 03):Sho (VividCoin) Guitar (02):しょう河童 Drums (02, 03):一角獣

    Terms of Use

    You can use the audio data for your video, broadcast, and any of your works to put "Circle: Fantasicle Sounds" "Composer: K-Ice", and "Album: Cybernetic Queen" in the description. Copy/Re-sell/Re-upload/Any use with different author name are prohibited.