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    Magical Beast Sherbert

    Published from : 2021/09/29 14:39:33

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    What is the strongest bond in the universe? Is it friendship? Love? Trust? An adventure beyond time and space is about to begin! Togawa Erika is an 11-year old girl living in Tokyo with her Italian chef mother and her father, who is a teacher at her elementary school. One day, she rescues a strange-looking rabbit from a monster. This creature, Sherbert, comes from an alternate version of Earth named Lylasia. On Lylasia, he and his kind are locked into battle with the Kuuka, the monster that Erika defeated. Sherbert wants to be the hero of our Earth, and enlists Erika, giving her the power to transform into a magical girl with a variety of powers. They form a close bond of friendship, as they fight against evil, and become more and more powerful together. But when they discover that there are other alternate versions of Earth in trouble, Sherbert and Erika must travel to different versions of Tokyo, encountering a variety of strange sights and characters. Together, Sherbert and Erika prove that their bond of friendship is the strongest in the universe!

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