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    Props(Musical instruments)


    Published from : 2021/08/13 17:45:47

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    ◇About this model This data is the 3D data of "Concertina", a kind of bellows instrument. This item has been adjusted for 3D avatars. It can be held in both of the avatar's hands to recreate the performance style. The extension and retraction of the bellows is also reproduced with weights. ◇Enclosed data Concertina_1.0_UnityPackage Concertina_1.0_FBX texture(.png) Concertina_PR(.png) Concertina3D_vn3license ◇Specification_2021.04.02 polygon :△13768 material :1 texture :4 shader :Autodesk Interactive(Unity2018.4.20f1) ◇Installation Procedure Drag and drop "Concertina_1.0_UnityPackage" to the launched Unity. Place it so that it is held in the left hand and right hand of the avatar. For more details, please refer to the enclosed "How to" file. (Sorry, this is only available in the Japanese version.) ◇Terms of Use For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the pdf file included in the package. ◆連絡先 ◇Contact Twitter:@Teraji_hobby https://twitter.com/Teraji_hobby

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