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    Published from : 2021/02/02 18:38:28

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    The Gibiers' first original song! 'Do you like that one? Maybe this one too!' So many things we want to do virtually! This is a cute song about two of our team members. I hope everyone will enjoy it! You can sing it, or use it at DJ events (please read the terms of use for the rights). Included songs ・スーパーアイドル ジビエーズ! (mp3 + Wav format) ・スーパーアイドル ジビエーズ! カラオケ(mp3 + Wav format) ★ Privilege Lyrics (text, images) Sheet music (melody score in PDF format) Liner notes (text by Picatrix) High-resolution jacket image Privilege photo ★ Credits Song title:スーパーアイドル ジビエーズ! Music and Lyrics:Picatrix Song:Gibiers (Saei & Dokokano Usagi) What is Gibiers? An idol unit of two animals, Saei (a deer) and Dokokano Usagi (a rabbit). They were born from the VR music event "くらげビート" hosted by Ocutan Bot. They are active in virtual music live and various events. They can handle the technical side! They also create their own virtual stage and perform live. Saei (a deer)  Teitter: https://twitter.com/SaeiGibiers  YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFll0HUGU2yhvR-W1h239Rw A virtual 16-year-old, Saei is a deer who is one year younger than Usagi. The reason why she only has one antler is because she caught it on the bed fence when she was sleeping and broke it... Dokokano rabbit (a rabbit)  Twitter: https://twitter.com/patsupyon  YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ONPiTE9sMKUQjrRIN94Xg A VTuber who pursues kawaii with the spice of technology. As a technology-related idol VTuber, she introduces VRChat and other VR applications, as well as creating her own works. Related Videos 【ジビエーズオリジナルソング】スーパーアイドルジビエーズ! & Love It【#Vソニ​】 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x-u6N2X1YU  This is the music video from the largest VTuber online music festival, "VTuber SONIC FESTIVAL 2.5". ・Hashtags  In addition to sing-alongs and DJ events, when you tweet your thoughts on a song, it would be great if you could add a hashtag so we can find it easily! (This song) The entire Gibiers'song → #ジビ歌 This song only → #スーパーアイドルジビエーズ (Gibiers) All things related to Gibiers → #ジビエーズ Fan art of Gibiers → #ジビ絵 For tweets about the song "スーパーアイドルジビエーズ!", I recommend both or one of "#ジビ歌 #スーパーアイドルジビエーズ". Update history 2021/2/2 Release (VR Day)

    Terms of Use

    If you use it for a song (Terms of Use)  The karaoke soundtrack is also included, so please try singing it!  Please observe the following rules when posting or distributing the song or video as "歌ってみた(I tried singing it)" on video distribution sites or SNS. ・The karaoke sound source is "スーパーアイドル ジビエーズ! カラオケ (mp3 + Wav format)". Of course, you can perform the song by yourself or a cappella (melody sheet music is included). You can also sing the lyrics as a replacement song. You can also sing the lyrics of the song in a different style. Put your activities and thoughts into the song. ・When posting on SNS, please include one or both of the following hashtags #ジビ歌 #スーパーアイドルジビエーズ ・Please include the following credits in your work  Super Idol Gibiers! / Music and Lyrics:Picatrix Song:Gibiers(Saei & Dokokano Usagi)   ・I hope you can write the following link in the video summary section. ドコカノうさぎちゃんねる(Click here to watch Gibiers!)   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ONPiTE9sMKUQjrRIN94Xg ・Monetization of the video is OK.  Monetizing your videos with ads on video sites and super chat gifting is OK! ・Please do not sell the music or register the content ID (if you wish to sell it, please contact us) ・When using for DJ events, etc. (Terms of Use)  For use in DJ events by purchasers of songs, it is basically OK as long as the credit is written somewhere in accordance with the event or announced at the venue.  However, this is not a permission to sell the music, so please contact us if you want to sell the sound or video archive of the DJ event. Please contact us if you would like to sell sound sources or archived recordings of DJ events. Please note that archived recordings with advertisements or gifts that can be viewed for free are not considered sales. The conditions of use for this DJ event are subject to change in the event of any problems (changes in conditions will not be retroactive, but will apply to events after the date of the change).