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    ​680 yen one way ticket "Yoshino clothes"

    Sales start date : 2020/12/18 22:23:34

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    The 680 yen one-way ticket is a mini soundtrack containing the background music, theme song and voice drama version used in the 360 degree anime version. [song] ・coffee shop theme ・secret of music box ・680 yen one-way ticket ・680 yen one-way ticket for the voice drama version [appearance in a voice drama] Chisaki: Yui Nagatsuka Tsuki Murasaki: Maki Tsuchiya Takayuki: Ryosuke Tamura Yoshino: Mikinori Suzuki

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    ・The commercial use and secondary creation of this work by corporations and individuals are prohibited. ・Copyright for this work belongs to Logicbox Pictures, artists and performers.