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    Giggy IKA Restaurant Show (with a gimmick)

    Sales start date : 2020/03/15 13:17:17

    Product Details

    [Full course at the IKA restaurant] A full course meal at Vket 4 It's a full-course gimmick where you can eat your food. <Giggy IKA Restaurant Show (with a gimmick)> 2,500 yen The gimmick is based on VRChat. Appetizers Appetizers ... bite-sized portions (3 bites) Gimmick for eating appetizers (3 bites) salad Salad ... bite size (3 bites) Gimmick for eating salad (3 bites) soup Soup ... bite-sized (2 bites) Gimmick for eating soup (2 mouthfuls) bread Fish dishes Fish ... bite size (3 bites) Fish gimmick (3 bites) sorbet Sorbet ... Bite size (3 bites) Sorbet-eating gimmick ... (3 bites) Meat dishes Meat dishes ... bite size (2 bites) A gimmick for eating meat... (2 bites) cheese Cheese ... bite size (4 bites) Cheese-eating gimmick ... (4 bites) fruit Fruit ... bite size (3 bites) Fruit-eating gimmick ... (3 bites) Dessert ice cream Dessert ice cream ... Bite size (3 bites) Gimmick for eating dessert ice cream ... (3 bites) coffee Dinner Table Dinner Chairs Candles. The set that comes with a full course (one bite at a time version) <Data. Unitypackage. fbx data Textures The game of Squid Restaurant comes with a gimmick. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    [About availability] Create Vtubers using this data. Monetization of Vtubers and others using this data Use in VR games such as VRChat The sale of games and videos made using this data is prohibited.     It is prohibited to sell the model data itself. Modify (change the color of the texture, edit the shape of the model). Modify the modified material for use in games. Copyright notice and report of use are not required. You can advertise or credit it when you use it. About the unavailability. Selling the data as is. Altering, distributing or selling this data Uploading the data to the Internet and allowing unspecified persons to use or download the data. [Note] IKAMESHI is not responsible for any trouble or damage caused by the use of this data. The copyright of this model belongs to IKAMESHI. Please contact us if there are any deficiencies in the data. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)