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    Painting for Interior 'Dawn'

    Sales start date : 2020/11/20 13:29:02

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    Please agree to the following terms of use for this work. [About the data used] The painting "Dawn" is the copyright of @Coldrocky. [Modification and redistribution] Modification is allowed. However, even after modification, the precautions listed in this section will apply. You may not redistribute the content regardless of whether or not it has been modified. The use of avatars in VRChat does not count as redistribution without modification. [Porting to Other Software and Data Conversion] Use for other than VRChat is also allowed. [Sexual Expressions etc.] We allow R-18 and R-18G use, but please make sure to keep them separated. [Political and Religious Expressions] Political and religious expressions are permitted, but not for use in a way that may damage its reputation. [Other] There is no restriction on the use of this model by fans or for commercial use. Any disadvantage you suffer from using this 3D model, I, Miyakyu, will not be compensated. If there are any differences in the language of these Terms of Use, the Japanese version takes precedence. 2020/12/04 miyakyu (Twitter:@miyakyu12)