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    Mechanical large arm 「EX-ARM03:試作弐型」

    Published from : 2020/11/12 18:16:40

    Product Details

    Forearms and hands are what you often see in your body. Then why not change that arm to your liking? This artificial limb is a model aimed at a steampunk-like atmosphere. The design is like a combination of wood and luminescent parts in a frame with a bone-like silhouette made of copper or brass. By editing the texture, you can change the nail design for all 10 fingers individually. You can also put a living arm or some object in a translucent container on the upper arm. It is an expandable artificial hand that can introduce gimmicks such as moving gears and poles. To modify the avatar using this item, it is necessary to use 3D modeling software such as Blender. Only artificial limbs are sold and avatars are not included. ■ Basic specifications Triangular polygons: One arm △ 20,900 ■ Product details 3D model FBX data └ Ex-Arm03.fbx Blender data └ Ex-Arm02.blend └Armture_Ex-Arm(Armture) └Ex-Arm-03(Artificial limb) └ Ex-Arm-03_Gear.L(Left arm gear) └ Ex-Arm-03_Gear_R(Right arm gear) └ Ex-Arm-03_pointer(Left and right arm instrument needles) └ Ex-Arm-03_Pole(pole that moves up and down: Shape key not setStick that moves up and down: Shape key not set) Texture data └ Texture_Arm03.psd └ Texture_Arm03.png └ Texture_Arm03_em.png (PNG for emission) └ Texture_Arm03_rim.png (PNG for rim) └ Texture_Arm03.psd(For texture editing) └ Texture_Arm03.xcf(For texture editing/for GIMP) | └ Texture_Arm03_em_nailsample.png (PNG for emission) └ Texture_Arm03_rim_nailsample.png (PNG for rim) UV unfolded image └UV.png Installation_manual_for avatar.pdf Installation_Manual_Special_Note_for_EX-ARM03.pdf Terms_of_use.txt Explanation.txt Japanese version of the above 4 files

    Terms of Use

    ■ Copyright The copyright of this model itself has not been abandoned, but you are free to use or modify this model for personal use. The copyright of the modified data also belongs to the creator: Kimikage. In addition, this agreement also applies to the modified data. ■ Restrictions on usage No limit ■ Commercial use Please contact us in advance. ■ Processing restrictions None ■ Redistribution Prohibition of redistribution and sale as it is, and after modification. ■ Usage report Individual: Optional Corporation: Prior report required ■ Prohibitions It is prohibitions to lie about the author. Use for acts or purposes that are offensive to public order and morals, political / religious activities, or slander against others is prohibited. ■ Disclaimer The author is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by using this item. Terms may be changed, distribution may be suspended, usage may be prohibited, or updates may be made without prior notice. If there is a difference from other languages due to translation reasons in this agreement, the Japanese terms of use shall apply.