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    Published from : 2020/09/07 11:19:25

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    (Automatic translation with DeepL(free version)) This is a 3D model of an octagonal wall clock (bonbon clock) with a pendulum. It comes with the time display function and timed chime function as an extra. (This is just a bonus and we don't guarantee that it will work properly.) About Extras There are some other clocks that have been implemented in Udon, but I made this clock by myself without referring to them. It's a wasteful implementation. Tick-tock sound and chime sounds at 0 minutes and 0 seconds per hour. I've put the ticking sound in the child object Audiosouce, and the chime in the child object Audiosouce, so you can mute them by simply turning them off. The graph is really messy, but if this is helpful to you, please use it as you see fit. I have no restrictions on the use, redistribution, or resale of the graphs, so please treat them as if they were CC0. You can check it's performance in the following world. You can check it works in the following world: https://www.vrcw.net/world/detail/wrld_159aecae-27c9-4a3e-bfad-1aaac19c3272 Points to note As for the extra Udon graphs, we have only confirmed that they work under VRCSDK3-WORLD-2020. We don't promise that we will deal with the problem in future updates of the SDK. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    Extra Udon Graphs are Completely free. All other objects are VN3 licensed.(Japanese document) https://anagot.github.io/vn3license.pdf