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    DLF DECALPACKAGE Vol.1「Machine Makers」

    Published from : 2020/08/16 21:25:41

    Product Details

    There are 10 hypothetical combat machine manufacturers in a near-future sci-fi world.  The Big 5 above and Venture 5 below, each producing distinctive components-- [What are "Machine Makers"?] On the subject of "Virtual Machine Maker Logos, This is a collection of cyberpunk designs as decal materials. Based on the original design data or image data You can change the shape and color of the effect. We hope that you will be able to use the Avatar World Effect on VRChat as well as Please use it for various other purposes as well. The [masscat] and [headphone ornaments] shown in the sample are not included. The decal design data and image data are only included. We will not be able to make use of the data. Basically, one logo per design.ai - Adobe illustrator's original design data mono.png - black and white two-color image data. color.png - flat colored image data decal.png - Image data with light and gradient coloring whitedecal.png - Image data processed for immediate use as decals. is included in the package. As a bonus, there are concept designs, posters, and A sample image data is also included. The data is prepared for easy use, so you can use it as a decal simply by attaching it to a texture or other object. The data is available for you to use as decals simply by attaching them to textures and other objects. The following guidelines have been established for the production, distribution and use of DLF DECALPACKAGE. All rights to DLF DECALPACKAGE are reserved by DRIVE. All users who use and create are considered to have agreed to these guidelines. 1) When using it for something that does not have a monetary transaction You are allowed to use it as long as it does not conflict with any prohibited items. All rights reserved." as the author's notation on the description column of the work or in the work. As long as you include the copyright notice, you can use them in free games, 3D and video works. You do not need to credit the work if you are using it as an avatar effect on VRChat. If you want to use it for your world, please credit it. 2) If you want to use it for a monetary transaction If you want to use them for commercial purposes, please contact DRIVE. We allow you to sell and distribute your work only for small-scale creative activities, even if there is a monetary transaction, as long as you indicate the authorship. (If you don't know if your work is within the scope of small-scale distribution, please contact DRIVE. Prohibited matters Use for content that is offensive to public order and morals. Using a work for the derivative work of another person's copyrighted work Redistributing data without permission or using it on a website or blog post for viewing purposes only. Contents that infringe or may infringe the rights of DRIVE. and third parties Any other content that is deemed inappropriate by DRIVE. [Talking about the future] We have launched a new design project brand, "DIRECT LOGO FINDER". We plan to continue to sell decals and font data with different concepts for each of our material collections. The next volume will be called "God the Wind", which will feature Japanese mythology and near-future technology. We will sell a collection of decals and font data. If you use the data for avatars, effects, or other works, you will receive a Please post an image on Twitter with the tag "#DirectLogoFinder" and send it to It's very encouraging to hear your reports and impressions. Thank you for your continued support of D WORKS and DIRECT LOGO FINDER. DRIVE. ------------------------------------------------ Twitter : @rkDRIVE Mail : taka.gt64@gmail.com

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