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    Published from : 2020/08/10 12:53:52

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    Uta-kun and Tokikun are bat ghosts who live a carefree life in human society. This is a manga that loosely depicts the daily life of these two mysterious beings in a town somewhere in Japan where strange things sometimes happen. ---- This book is a collection of full-color two-panel comics serialized on various social networking sites from the official site, as well as paid extras that have been made available to the public. It includes not only the manga, but also illustrations, goods, and a wide range of other things related to the work!

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    ■No part of this book may be reproduced, reprinted, copied (photocopied), scanned, digitized, performed, or broadcast without permission, with exceptions under copyright law. Electronic reproduction of this book by a third party such as an agent is also not permitted. However, exceptions are made for quotations and use of portions of the book for the purpose of introducing or reviewing the work. If you want to include images from this book, please keep them within the bounds of legitimacy for quotation purposes. For more information on quoting images, please refer to this page. ■Subject to change without notice by neuneunet. https://www.cric.or.jp/qa/hajime/hajime7.html