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    (new publication:PDF version) A book about aiming for a Kawaii Voice -Revision 2-

    Published from : 2020/08/09 21:57:02

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    At pp. 44-45, there was a missing section. If you purchased the book before Aug. 22, 2020, please re-download it. (If the name of the file is "kawaiivoiceを目指す本-改訂2-Lock_a", you're good to go.) [Contents] A man makes a female voice. It's also a voice that sounds like the real thing. People who have such a specialty are called "hermaphrodites". This magazine is a book that teaches the proper way to produce a female voice, not as a mental exercise, but as a method. It shows you how to practice and how it can change your voice. This is the second edition of the book, which includes supplementary explanations and new information to the book that was distributed at C94. [Colors] Cover : Color Body: Grayscale [Pages] 61P (text only)

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