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    Published from : 2020/05/03 22:54:27

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    【Contents】 [Redomi.txt] This file [license.txt] Terms of use are listed. [3D data] ・ FBX file [Tx] ・texture files [unityPackage] ・ FBX ・ Preset animation file ・ Prefab data * Please install "Dynamic Bone" first before installing. If you have any questions, please contact the Shelf Peony Shop Operation Account (@tanabotakousiki). ~~ History ~~ 2020/05/03 release

    Terms of Use

    【Terms of service】 3D model “Nekomimi support unit“ NECO-MIN ”” Terms of use 3D model Nekomimi type support unit "NECO-MIN" model license terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") are the 3D sales model "Nekomimi type support unit" NECO " -It defines the usage range and conditions of "MIN" "" (hereinafter referred to as this model). The purchaser can use this model after agreeing to the contents of the agreement. Article 1 Definition of terms 1. This model ~ 3D data body that is the contents of "NECO-MIN" support unit 2. Terms ~ 3D model Nekomimi type support unit "NECO-MIN" model license terms 3. Buyer-Purchasing this model "Nekomimi support unit" NECO-MIN "" 4. Right source-Tanapeony Monaca management group "Botamochi-kai (official)" 5. Contents-A complete set of the contents of the "NECO-MIN" support file you purchased 8. Modified model-A generic term for 3D model "Nekomimi type support unit" NECO-MIN "" that has been modified with 3D editing software etc. Article 2 approval of agreement By using this model, the purchaser is deemed to have agreed to all the contents of this agreement. Article 3 Relationship with Copyright Law and other applicable laws Section 1 This model and its contents are protected by copyright law and other applicable laws. Clause 2 The right holder does not waive the copyright regarding the modified model. Article 4 license and terms of use The right holder shall authorize the purchaser to carry out the following actions by himself / herself in accordance with the rules. A contract for corporations is required for corporate use. 1. The following commercial use using this model is permitted. ・ Sales of personalized games using this model ・ Make profits from videos and live broadcasts using this model ・ Reflecting avatars using this model in videos and live broadcasts that generate revenue 2. Allow the act of modifying this model with 3D editing software etc. 3. Allows the partial diversion of parts of this model to other avatars. 4. Allow the following commercial use using the modified model. ・ Sale of personalized games using modified models ・ Make a profit from videos and live broadcasts using modified models ・ Reflecting avatars that use the modified model in revenue-generating videos and live broadcasts ・ Profit from secondary works such as goods using modified models. Accompanying that, contacting the right source for permission 5. Upload the model data of this model and modified model, and use it for the service used as an avatar. 6. Since this model and modified model are used in each service / application, we permit conversion to another format. 7. We allow R-18 expression using this model, modified model and characters as long as it does not violate public order and morals. Article 5 Prohibited acts 1. The act of making a statement or making a statement that the purchaser himself made this model. Or the act of claiming the exclusive use of copyright. 2. Use with political, religious or antisocial messages. 3. Acts that use this model or modified model to significantly damage the image of the right-source or character, or act that violates public order and morals 4. Redistribute this model, contents and modified model, and make it available to third parties (pedestal and avatar clone not allowed) 5.Other uses and modifications of this model that the author deems inappropriate. Article 6 end of license If the purchaser violates the agreement, the license granted to the purchaser will automatically terminate and you will lose all the licensed rights described in the agreement. You can stop or delete the use of. The right holder does not take any responsibility for any damages caused by it. Article 7 Change of Terms 1. The right holder can revise the content of the agreement at any time. 2. The purchaser shall in principle agree to the change of the right's terms and conditions. 3. If the right holder changes the terms, he will post the change on any media specified by the right holder and notify the purchaser. After notification, it is considered that the purchaser has agreed to the changed terms and conditions by using the terms. 4. The effect of revision of the agreement will be revised and will be applied when the change is notified. Article 8 Disclaimer 1. The right holder does not take any responsibility for the damage caused when the service cannot be provided due to the change of the contents of this model or the end of sale. 2. The right holder does not take any responsibility and is not responsible for the purchaser's usage environment of this model.