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    Published from : 2020/04/29 13:23:35

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    ▲▲▲ WARNING ▲▲▲ VRSlide currently only works on VRCSDK2. ◆ Caution VRSlide is currently in early access. There may be a problem with the program or there may be room for improvement in convenience. If you find a bug, please contact the following contact information. ◆ Feature VRSlide has the following features. ・ Intuitive and easy-to-operate WebGUI ・ VRChat presentation system covering SpeakerDeck and SlideShare ・ Easy import into your own world. ◆ Before you buy VRSlide is aimed at those who have created a world with VRChat and have minimal knowledge of php. Build an Apache or Nginx server with php set up before purchasing. Please read and use the manual because there are places where the system may not work if you make a mistake in the operation of the array during setup. When modifying VRSlide, we recommend using PhpStorm IDE / VisualStudio Code. ◆ Requirement The following files are included in this product. ・ VRSlide ・ VRSlide sample world ・ VRSlide Web (ja_JP/en_US) ・ VRSlide manual (ja_JP/en_US) To use VRSlide you need: ・ Web server that can use php (VPS Recommended) ・ PC on which VRChat works ・ Unity with VRCSDK applied ◆ Modifying VRSlide can be modified freely by the user, but there are some conditions. ・ You are not allowed to transfer the program to another person or release the VRSlide source code. ・ All copyrights related to the modified program belong to X303. ◆ Contact Discord: ta3#5265 Twitter: @X303_

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