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    Antique Camera【VRChat World Gimmick】

    Published from : 2020/04/28 22:26:03

    Product Details

    ... ------------------------------- Lindoll Mfg., a famous watch brand, entered the photography equipment industry. Equipped with the latest technology developed in collaboration with the popular Dr. Replunt. The miniaturization makes it possible to put it in a bag and carry it around. A moment, forever.            Patent No. 13287, FISICA Technical Research Bureau ... ------------------------------- Booth Link https://trigonometro.booth.pm/items/1594510 This product is a 3D model for use on the VRChat world. number of polygons Camera body (136,698) Film (428) Materials and shaders are supported. Arktoon-Shaders are used. Prefabricated with gimmick mounted. Usage manual included Extra shader (monotone/sepia) included Arctoon-Shaders- https://github.com/synqark/Arktoon-Shaders ) is used. Please be sure to import this unitypackage before importing it. It is recommended to install a manual for complicated operation on VRChat. This product is not recommended to be mounted on VRChat avatar because the number of polygons is very large due to lack of technology. I am very sorry about this.

    Terms of Use

    By using this model data in any way, you agree to the following terms of use. The creator "Cosine" grants permission to use this character and this data within the scope of these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms"). The copyright of this data (excluding shaders) and its modifications belongs to the creator, Cosine. For the purposes of this Agreement, "Data" refers to both "Model Data" and "Attachments" as defined below. In this agreement, "Model Data" refers to the model data itself and texture data. Accessory" refers to the data attached to this model data, such as material data, animation data, and other auxiliary tools. disclaimer The creator "Cosine" assumes no responsibility for any problems, damages, or disadvantages caused by the use of this data or its modifications, and the full responsibility lies with the user concerned. The contents of this agreement shall be described and interpreted in Japanese. In the event of differences in content due to translation into other languages, the Japanese language conventions take precedence. If there is any discrepancy between the bundled text file and the sales page, the terms of the sales page will take precedence. license agreement You may not use this data or any modification thereof in the production of services or games such as VRChat. Making alterations to this data. Monetization of content that uses this data or any modification thereof. To send and receive the Data or its modifications, and to create modifications of the Data, only between users who have already purchased the Data. prohibited matter The use of this data obtained or purchased by means, sites, or services not authorized by the creator Use for the purpose of causing mental distress or excessive discomfort to others, such as slander and defamation. Use for acts that violate Japanese law The use of this data for acts that violate the laws of the country in which the purchaser resides. The act of selling or distributing part or all of this data without the permission of the creator. The act of selling or distributing the modified version of this data without the permission of the creator. Expressions that may mislead the public into believing that the content created, performed, or distributed using this data or its modifications (even though it is not authorized) is authorized by the creator These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Interpretation of the Terms and Conditions takes precedence over the Japanese language.