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    Mass-produced Android No. 1"Makaziki"(Free version)

    Published from : 2020/04/28 15:24:40

    Product Details

    3D models for VRoid Studio"Makaziki" Texture Maker:かじきまぐろ/メカジキ This is a free version. This model was created by VRoid Studio(VRoid). Vroid files can be easily edited in VRoid for dress-up and modification. Available as avatar or Virtual YouTuber. Contents ・VRM file ・vroid file ・PNG texture Differences between the free and full versions ・The costume of the free version is inner only. (The full version comes with both a suit and an inner.) ・In the free version is integrated in vroid file Eyes and hair highlights, body line, chin parts Layered.

    Terms of Use

    ・It is OK to change the range that you enjoy individually. ・Commercial use can only be monetized or personalized in personal video or distribution activities. ・Please observe the strict convention when dressing up with VRoid texture. ・Please be sure to credit the place where notation can be done when using this model and the modified model. ・We will not restrict modifications other than VRoid, but please take a backup in advance and then take it at your own risk. ・R-18, R-18G representation is ok only use on firm zoning. Prohibited items(Be sure to read it.) ・Self-made remarks ・Distribution (or redistribution) of this model or modified model ・Use of non-purchasers ・Use for religious and political purposes ・Use in inappropriate acts such as attacking the author, a specific organization, or an individual Please contact us from this direct message if you find any illegal activities.(In the case of an inquiry in English, it becomes a conversation after translating into Japanese → English.) Twitter: @Mk_ZK_mekaziki Disclaimer Please note that this circle will not be liable for any inconvenience, physical or mental damage incurred in the event of use.