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    VRChat Avatar Lisa-Seed [English Version]

    公開日 : 2020/02/29 18:41:42


    Princess VRChat Avatar covered in ashes Lisa-Seed Ver1.03 Creator:Smiley Egao Attention: This product is translated by Smileyegao. So English text is sometimes wrong. Please note that. Lisa-Seed is a girl robot made of trashes. This is a Original Humanoid 3D Model. We assume using this model as VRChat's avatar but It is usable in other VR service. Please read the sentences for use as follows. 1.Downloadable file's details All Avatar's data is packed in unitypackage without manuals. (1)ReadMe(ReadFirst).txt (Terms of Uses) (2)HowToUse.txt (Introduction of Modifying) (3)ChangeLog.txt (4)"LisaSeed_ver1_03.unitypackage" -(a)Lisa-Seed Model -(b)Umbrella Model -(c)Materials -(d)Textures (Only Color, Only Shadow and UV Textures included) -(e)Animations and Animation Controllers (5)SunaoShader_1_4_0.unitypackage (by AGENASU Lab.) https://booth.pm/ja/items/1723985 (6)UTS2_ShaderOnly_v2.0.7_Release.unitypackage (by Nobuyuki Kobayashi[Unity Technologies Japan]) https://unity-chan.com © Unity Technologies Japan/UCL 2.Known Failures Depending on the World's environment, A Transparent parts in this avatar might be not drawn well. Others The author assumes no responsibility for the content or for any disadvantages that arise. The right to use cannot be transferred to another person. If you have any questions,please ask me! Twitter:@Smiley35313283


    This is a sales of usage rights for target content.This content can be modified and used in any media. However, The following is prohibited (1)To Make it available to others and To Impede the sales of the author. (Be Included Setting Raw avatar and Modified avatar to "Public" in VRChat.) (2)To Have a political or religious or antisocial message in the content itself. (3)To Use the content for the purpose of generating profit directly. (4)To Use by a corporation (5)To Use for violent or sexual content. (6)To Upload modified avatar which is added mental and visual threat. (For example, View Hack and Earrape)