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    公開日 : 2020/04/29 00:25:14


    **************************************************** オリジナル3Dモデル「レオン/Leon」-kid版 **************************************************** ★ドール風美少年「レオン/Leon」の子供版モデルです。 通常版よりも背が低く幼い顔立ちとなっています。 ★通常版よりもマテリアル数、アニメーション数が少ないですが、 「通常衣装版」と「vroid衣装版」の2種類を同梱しています! 子供版のため、通常版よりお安くお求めになれます。 ★市販のvroidテクスチャを利用して衣装替えができます! 通常版はこちらhttps://fullscratch.booth.pm/items/1984919(Booth本店) <内容> ・UnityPackage アバターセットアップ済みシーン  ・通常版   ・Vroid衣装版(マテリアル違い2種 UTS2とMtoon)   <使用シェーダ:ユニティちゃんトゥーンシェーダー > http://unity-chan.com/download/releaseNote.php?id=UTS2_0 <使用シェーダ:Mtoonシェーダー > https://github.com/vrm-c/UniVRM/releases シェーダの利用については作成元のライセンスに従ってください。 ★ダイナミックボーンのインポート※任意 Unity asset storeよりDynamicBone(有料)をインポートすれば、 髪など物理演算設定してあるものが揺れるようになります。 ★Vroid版衣装について vroid衣装版のモデルはマテリアルに市販のvroid用パーカー のテクスチャを入れ替えて着せ替えることができます。


    Original 3D model “レオン/Leon” ********************************************************** This model is to be used as a VRChat Avator within. Please feel free to use this in game, video. Please read the Terms Of Service listed below before using this model. Contents: ・ UnityPackage scene 5Materials accsesary ・FBX(baseBody) ・FBX(clothes) ・reference UVmap(png) ・refarence Textuer(png) ********************************************************** Terms Of Service ********************************************************** Original 3D model “レオン/Leon” Designer and 3D modeler (author), Chibideko (ちびでこ) The following terms and conditions define the range in which users can use the model and apply to the“レオン/Leon” only. The Terms Of Service are agreed upon the purchase of this model. This model can only be used when the user is not violating the Terms Of Service. 1. The copyright ownership of this model belongs solely to chibideko. © 2020 chibideko. 2. License When using the “Leon” model, the following terms and conditions are accepted. (1) Use for game creation, VRChat world creation, and video production are all permitted; for both non-commercial and commercial. (2) Modification of the model is permitted. (3) Redistribution within the form of a video game or video production. (4) Add personality to this model and appearance in Live stream, broadcast programs are all permitted; for both non-commercial and commercial. 3. Prohibited Acts Using the “レオン/Leon” model in the following ways is prohibited and will be a violation of the Terms Of Service. (1). Redistribution of the model (even when edited) in a form that only includes the model and can be used as-is in software is prohibited. This includes forms like fbx, unity package,etc. (2). Useing this model as Avatar pedestal in VRChat. (3). Violation of the right to the intellectual property of others through the use of the model is prohibited. (4). Use for acts or purposes contrary to public order and morals, sexual expressions, violent expressions, discriminatory expressions, antisocial acts or purposes, specific beliefs, religions, and political statements are all prohibited. (5). Any other use that the creator (chibideko) deems as inappropriate. 4. Changes To Model Data The model data may be updated. In such cases, the updated model data will be uploaded to the website with an announcement. 5. Disclaimer This model is provided as-is upon purchase and download. This being the case, the creator (chibideko) is not liable for any damages to the user or any intellectual properties separate from chibideko’s caused by the use of this model. If the user of the model does cause damages, liability shall be borne by the user. 6. Changes To The Terms Of Service The Terms Of Service for this model (レオン/Leon) can be changed at any time. There will be a notification on the website in such a case. Should one use this model after the change, it will be that the user is agreeing to the new terms and conditions. Should there be any inconsistencies between the Japanese and English Terms Of Service, the Japanese one shall be treated as the correct version. Established 04/17/2020 ※For those of you with questions, please contact the following. ちびでこ/ chibideko Twitter: @ chibideko314