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    Published from : 2023/10/30 00:00:14

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    ---------------------------- *Note: This is a simplified English translation of the description. There may be errors in the translation, so please use this information as a reference and refer to the Japanese description for accuracy. Additionally, due to character limitations, some details may be omitted in the English translation. ---------------------------- 🎵 Cute electric guitar 🎸. Features. ∙ It is in UnityPackage so that you can use it with Unity. Lame coating on the front. Comes with a swinging bat accessory. Avatar? Costume? No avatar or costume settings are built in, but you can take her to VRChat by wearing her like a small item or accessory. Aina-chan sticker The name "AINA" on the sticker can be easily redrawn by filling it with white. Please note 🌟 🌟 This product page sells only "Electric Guitar". Other costumes and avatars are not included. Please be sure to read the following points before purchasing. Please be sure to read the following points before making a purchase. Points to note before purchasing: https://unimi3d.com/before-you-buy/ 🖤 List of 3D models used in sample images and videos *Honorifics omitted Aina - G1-00c[Aina]] Author: Yuni Mirai/Yuni Mirai's Atelier Sold in our store. Manuka - MANUKA] Author: Jingo/JINGO CHANNEL https://booth.pm/ja/items/5058077 🤍 Specifications Aina electric guitar (UC-E09) 🔹 Shader ☞liltoon https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 Please download the latest version from the above URL 🔹 Contents UnityPackage Model data.fbx (in UnityPackage) Prefab (in UnityPackage) Texture.png,psd (in UnityPackage) 🔹 Shaking objects (PhysBones/DynamicBone compatible) 🔹 🔹 🔹 Bat chain shaking (Prefab) 🔹 ShapeKey(BlendShape) None 🔹 Polygon count UC-E09_ElectricGuitar  kuniko: UC-E09_ElectricGuitar:Δ10,606  kuniko: UC-E09_Charm:Δ1,236 3D Model Production Staff Producer/Art Director:Mirai Yuni Lead Modeler:Mirai Yuni 🔹 SPECIAL THANKS Designer:nana*, Main Modeler:Mizo Nekoyanagi Main Modeler:Mizore Nekoyanagi@sleetcat123 Texture Artist:Mizore Nekoyanagi@sleetcat123 Please note that the above specifications may change due to updates. ⚠The above specifications are subject to change due to updates. Please be forewarned. 🖤 How to use If you want to wear it as a costume, please use it like an accessory by putting it directly under the bone as it is not rigged. For details, please see "◆How to wear ◆Accessories [Free Size]" in the description page below. How to wear the costume and how to use its functions: https://unimi3d.com/how-to-use-costumes/ *We do not support any usage other than the ones described. Please understand beforehand. 🖤 How to change texture size By default, the texture is set to 2048x2048 size. Change the texture size according to the location and purpose of use. How to change texture size: 1) In Unity, select the file you wish to resize in "Project/Assets/UniCostumes/UC-E01~11_HalloweenSeries/Textures/" at once. (2) Change "Max Size" in Inspector and Apply.

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    🖤 利用規約 -Terms of Use - 小物・衣装・付属モーション利用規約 ver1.02 [日本語] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1glaaoMpZnZalaEw0tJ-o4P8_xuqFR4Gu/view?usp=sharing [English] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DxiRTW1hGGY7ApxfOIrJdXOsQl260vSi/view?usp=sharing [한국어] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DBTKcPeZXh27GvU4A3OlfaloNKbiDqNk/view?usp=sharing [中文] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s5xDJc9ElahIx72okrK-hwuP2m3F4DPl/view?usp=sharing Click here for an updated history 👇 / Click here for an updated history. List of Terms of Use: https://unimi3d.com/product-terms-of-use/