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    Research Notes by Tsumugu Kosaka

    Sales start date : 2023/01/12 16:11:32

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    This is a coterie magazine of resumes and notes written by Tsumugu Kosaka when he was a graduate student. Since I have my hands full with research in other genres, I will probably never research this area. I hope it will be a reference for those who do this kind of research in the future. List of Themes Onmyoji and "The Tale of Genji The Heian Period as a tourism resource Adaptation of Waka in "What is Your Name? Adaptation of Waka in "Kimi no na wa. The Man'yoshu Boom in Reiwa The Pillow Book in Subculture Waka in Manga: The Tale of Genji, The Tale of Genji, The Yugao Scroll as an example. Who is "Yugao no hana"? The depiction of Murasaki Shigami and the Princess of Akashi in the Shofu volume of The Tale of Genji in manga. The Modern Age and the Twelve Devas." Although this is a free distribution, the support edition includes two extra copies of the copybooks we distributed at the end of 2019. I have the impression now that I wrote them very poorly, but please enjoy them if you like. The content has hardly been modified, so there may be some problems. The extras are practically distributed for a fee, but you may redistribute some of them to introduce "The Tale of Genji" and so on, as long as it is only a small portion. Please use them effectively. Support editions are available from BOOTH https://rituk.booth.pm/items/4463898

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