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    "SERA" Original 3D Model

    Sales start date : 2022/12/03 13:06:14

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    Original 3D model SERA Produced by Mabel Sera This model is compatible with Unity's Humanoid format. While it was made for use in VRCSDK3, it can also be used for games and videos. ======================================================================= Model Information ・Polygon count: 19,944 ・Mesh count: 1 ・Materials: 3 ・Quest compatible ・VRChatAvatarRank:   PC: Excellent   Quest: Very Poor ・VRCSDK3/Physbones ・Shader:   PC: Silent's Cel Shading   Quest: VRC Mobile Toon Lit ======================================================================= Product Contents ・sera_jumper.blend  Model data for SERA ・sera_base.blend  Body data for SERA ・body.psd ・clothes.psd ・hair.psd ・head.psd ・head2.psd ----- ・sera.unitypackage  The folder titled "sera" contains a VRC configured prefab. Drag it into the Hierarchy to upload. sera.unitypackage contents: ・clothes.png ・hair.png ・head.png ・thumbnail.png ・idle.anim ・reset.anim  Required for custom fx_layer.controller ・wonder.anim ・smile.anim ・puku.anim ・pero.anim ・nagomi.anim ・love.anim ・jito.anim ・blink.anim ・angry.anim ・fist_L.anim/fist_R.anim ・gun_L.anim/gun_R.anim ・idle_L.anim/idle_R.anim ・open_L.anim/open_R.anim ・peace_L.anim/peace_R.anim ・point_L.anim/point_R.anim ・rocknroll_L.anim/rocknroll_R.anim ・thumbsup_L.anim/thumbsup_R.anim  Animation data works better than VRChat's default animations.

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