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    Sales start date : 2022/09/27 15:47:09

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    Original 3D model "yuya" This 3D model is designed for use with VRChat. Unity package is included. It can be uploaded immediately to VRChat by loading a preconfigured prefab. The shader used is Unity Chan Toon Shader Ver. 2.0.8, which is compatible with Dynamicbone. 【Product Contents】 Unity package

    Terms of Use

    【Terms of Use】 ・Can be used in VRChat ・Modification is permitted. ・May be used in adult-oriented content. ・Commercial use is permitted (no credit required). 【Prohibited items】 ・Redistribution of this model data (use in VRChat pedestals or making "yuya" available to other than the purchaser is prohibited.) ・Political or religious use ・Any use that is offensive to public order and morals. ・Any use that may cause inconvenience to the creator or other related parties.