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    SAKURA KENNRANTAIZEN 〜Cherry Blossom Gorgeous Encyclopedia〜

    Published from : 2021/01/27 05:23:54

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    released January 2, 2021 At DIRECTOR UNITED the other day, I had a lot of nice RMX of "Sakura" provided by me! And I made an album that summarizes only this "Sakura" Techno, techno pop, house, ska, folktronica, low bit techno pop, etc. M01 SAKURA Thick Remix by Thick M02 sakura_doramix by Dorayaki Taro M03 SAKURA〜time after〜 by ayami(Sleep in Noise) M04 ayami - SAKURA Girls Pop Ska Punk Remix (Miku Ver.)  by RAWSEQ M05 SAKURA(remix) by Fujinawa Kazuhiko M06 SAKURA Remix Tolkkis by Tolkkis M07 SAKURA (M07-RegentSoramame Remix) M08 SAKURA -Emotion Unlimited Mix- by xxKadotani M09 SAKURA〜Emerald〜 by ayami(Sleep in Noise) M10 SAKURA (ATARI 10age RAIOTO) by Droop-E Drop M11 SAKURA (mistyminds remix) by mistyminds M12 OHIRU NO SAKURA by Santa OJ M13 sakura - halcyon remix by halcyon@halcyonproducts M14 SAKURA MMYY Remix by makikoYY M15 SAKURA〜Re Remix〜 by ayami(Sleep in Noise) M16 SAKURAREMIX waryu ver. by waryu ◆Special making video◆ SAKURA Thick Remix by Thick https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJH3mfRBI2g/?igshid=u3z09a60pehq

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