VR空間のプロダクト専門ECサイト Vket Store
VR空間のプロダクト専門ECサイト Vket Store


About this site

What is Vket Store?

Vket Store is an official E-commerce website for the world's largest virtual event "Virtual Market".
This website specializes with buying and selling of digital data, and it has a variety of functions to approach avatar culture and virtual space.

What is Virtual Market?

Virtual Market is the world's largest virtual event where visitors can freely try, appreciate, and purchase the 3D avatars and 3D models displayeed at the event venue.
The goal of Virtual Market is to develop the virtual space and make it more rich through the events.

About Vket Account

What is Vket Account?

It's a common account system for all Vket services. By registering your account, you'll have access to various contents and linkages between multiple Vket services.

How can I delete my account?

If you wish to delete the account, please contact us from the contact form.

About Product Purchases

Where can I purchase products?

Add items you want to purchase to your cart, click the [Cart] button on the right top to proceed to your payment.

Does the display price include tax?

Yes, the display price includes sales tax.

Where can I download the purchased items?

You can download all of your purchased products from [Purchased Products] in My Page.

What are the options for payment method?

Currently, we have credit card payment and PayPal payment.
Other payment methods are currently under development.

Which kind of credit cards can we use?

VISA, MasterCarad, JCB, American Express, Diner can be used.

Would shop owner know about the payment information?

The payment information will only be used for settlement, and it will not be released to any of third parties.

Opening a Shop

Where can I make my shop?

You can go to [Shop Setting] in My page to make one.

Where can I change my shop information?

You can go to [Shop Setting] in My Page to change your shop information.

Can I set my shop to be private?

Currently, you cannot make your shop private once you make one.
The private setting option for your shop is under development.

Product Registration

Where can I sell my products?

You can register your products by pressing [New Product Registration] button in [Product Management] in My Page.

Where can I edit my product information?

Click [editing] button for your product in [Product management]in My Page.

What kind of digital data file can I sell in Vket Store?

Only files that are compressed as ZIP can be sold at Vket Store.
Please compress all the necessary files for the product as one ZIP file and upload it.

Is there any upload limit for products?

Up to 1 GB per file can be uploaded.

If I make my product private, would people who bought my products before be able to download it again?

Yes, once he/she buys the product, the products can be downloaded again even if the products are set as private.

Can I delete my products?

Currently, once you make your product, you cannot delete it.

Sales of products

How can I receive the sales from my products?

You can choose to receive sales by bank transfer or PayPal remittance.
For bank transfer, please enter the account information from [Payee Setup] on My Page.
Then, you can apply for the transfer from [Application for transfer]. You will receive the payment at the end of the following month.

E.g., if you applied in April 2020, the payment shall be made at the end of May, the following month.

How much is the commission rate for sales?

Commission rate is 4.9% for each payment. (Commission less than 1 yen will be rounded down.)

How much is the commission rate for bank transfer?

200 yen when you transfer less than 30,000 yen, 300 yen when you transfer more than or equal to 30,000 yen.

Who should I contact to when I want to report bugs and request for the service?

For any comments or requests regarding Vket Store, please contact us via contact form.

Can you issue a receipt?

Receipts are not issued at the Vket Store.
A usage statement issued by a credit card company, etc. is equivalent to a receipt.


I cannot download the product.

If you are unable to download the product, the file may be corrupted.
In the case this happens, you need to ask the seller to check and re-upload their products.
Please use the contact form to contact them with the product name and order number.

I cannot upload my product

The recommended environment to use Vket Store is Windows 10/Desktop device/Google Chrome.
If you use different browser and get some errors, please change your device to Windows 10 and browser to Google Chrome and try it again.
If the above does not solve the issue, please contact us from contact form.

What characters can be entered in the account name?

The following characters can be used in account names.

Full-width katakana

アイウエオ カキクケコ サシスセソ タチツテト ナニヌネノ
ハヒフヘホ マミムメモ ヤユヨ ラリルレロ ワン

The “ヲ” and small “ッ” cannot be input (input “ツ” instead of “ッ”).

Nouns Full-width Kana

ガギグゲゴ ザジズゼゾ ダヂヅデド バビブベボ ヴ

Semivoiced sound full-width kana


Full-width numbers


Full-width alphabetic characters (uppercase only)


Full-width symbols

( ) 前、後カッコ
. ピリオド
- ハイフン
/ スラッシュ

New line

Full-width line feed only